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As this is now an information and science – only website, it is not possible to purchase GcMAF here. We suggest the following:

A dozen companies have claimed to make GcMAF. Most of them failed.

The Japanese company Saisei Mirai offer “Second Generation GcMAF.” Its not GcMAF, its serum, blood with only the red blood cells removed. Somewhat risky to inject in our opinion, and their research papers don’t seem to show good results.

However, some of the scientists and doctors on this site have used Immuno Biotech’s products, added their tests to their already extensive testing, visited their laboratories or are in other ways familiar with them, and in our view they are easily the most professional company in this field. They go through a 24 step extraction process down to the molecular level, and extensive monthly testing. It can be done through nebulisation, suppositories or orally. They are at

The Israeli company Efranat is carrying out GcMAF trials, but don’t seem to have a product. An Israeli company was offering GcMAF at $1,000 a shot, but many of the people using it did not believe it worked. It was probably inactive.

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