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We are highly experienced, qualified biomedical scientists. Our GcMAF is €600, plus €60 packing and shipping, for one 2.2ml vial. A vial is one third full and contains up to eight doses – one 100ng, 0.25ml dose a week. (You only pay one shipping charge per shipment, no matter how many vials you order)

GcMAF costs under €100 euros per dose. Big pharma can charge a patient €50,000 a year for chemotherapy, while a course of GcMAF works out to 5 percent of this.

We advise you to order it by 4pm London time on the Friday, as we dispatch on Mondays and Tuesday mornings only.


Delivery is overnight in Europe and we guarantee that on arrival it will be good, active GcMAF.

It takes 2 working days to most of the rest of the world, and you may lose a little activity. To order, please read this page before clicking on the “BUY GcMAF NOW” button (right) and fill out the registration form for the participant, once only; the address should be your delivery address.

Please read this first

Please fill out this form once only. If you wish to contact us again, please click “Contact” at the top to send an email, or telephone.

  • We send the GcMAF out, with ice to keep it cool, by international courier
  • We will then send you an email to give you a tracking number so you know when to expect it.
  • We can take credit cards over the phone and we guarantee delivery to most countries.
  • After the first two days you should expect to lose activity at the rate of 2 percent a day in transit if you are outside the EU. In summer it may be warm on arrival. (In the ‘worst case scenario’ and your GcMAF arrives in five days, you should have 90% remaining activity. At 37 degrees C, it has activity up to five days only.
  • Two separate CAM activity assays [or tests] shown at room temperature appear to lose between 20 percent of its activity in 10 days, and 50 percent in 15 days.
  • This is an initial 2% a day, which is insignificant. If delivery takes longer than five days, please contact us.
  • GcMAF must be kept in a fridge at +4 degrees C once used, where it will last 8 weeks.
  • You can freeze it once only; it keeps for ten years in a freezer without further measurable loss of activity.

Please inform us of your blood results
If you take a blood test with a monocyte count and vitamin D levels, or a nagalase test, we would appreciate you sending us a note of the results to

Important steps to follow with GcMAF

Please read our Treatment Protocols page to accompany your trial of GcMAF. Our FAQ page will also give you more information about GcMAF.

We wish you well.

From the scientists, (whose names are included on the linked research papers,) GcMAF doctors and patients who now run this website.

Peter de Carteret, webmaster (and, in May 2013, a prostate cancer terminal stage 4 Gleason 10, now fit as a fiddle.)


Telephone: 0044 1481 722787 10am to 6pm GMT, or 00 44 7781 411 737  10am to 10pm UTC/GMT

This is a registration form. (If you have already registered, just phone us)

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